All posting from 1 till 6 are done as the course requirement for SKBP 1023 Language and ICT course under Ass. Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Norizan Abdul Razak.

Today I’ve done my blog presentation. As a conclusion, Dr. Norizan would like us to write some comments on this course.

Ermm…. I’ve actually learnt a lots of ICT knowledge from this couse. Thanks to Dr. Norizan. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who helped me directly or indirectly in completing my blog postings too. I will still continue blogging in the future and share good information with everyone. ^^

Lastly, here’s a song i dedicated to our dear lecturer, Dr. Norizan and all my lovely friends. Hope u guys like it. ^^


This week is our final posting. We are asked to:-

1. Discuss what is concordance in one paragraph and provide 1 url of a concordancer

2. Answer these questions:-

(i) Do we think that computer can assist us to become a better language learner. Yes elaborate why. No elaborate why.

(ii) How effective is blogging in assisting us in the followings:- 

  • confidence in writing
  • confidence in publishing our work
  • getting ideas to write
  • improving our writing skills

3. If we are going to use computer to teach language one day. Which language learning website will we recommend? Elaborate why do we recommend that website. If we dont have any recommendation and would like to develop our own website explain what, why and how.


1. Concordance is an alphabetical index of all the words in a text or corpus of texts. It shows every contextual occurrence of a word. For example: a concordance of Shakespeare’s works.


We find concordance by using a concondancer. Concondancer is a type of search engine designed for language study. When we enter a word, it will looks through a large body of texts, called a corpus which means a lists of every single example of that particular word. It lets us to look at a word in a context, to see how common it is and to see the style associated with it. Such a tool is a computer-specific tool that we may not be familiar with from learning English by more traditional ways, but it is worth for us to spend some time experimenting it and get to know how to use it and harnessing its potential. In addition to show us a clear and objective picture of language use, it can helps us with words that we are unsure of, which is great use or grammatical words and probably to a lesser extent with vocabulary. We can use it to compare our usage with native speakers or other learners and once we get to know it quite well, we can use it to explore attitudes, the thought processes that lie behind the words.


I hereby share a concordancer which i’ve found in the internet.

concordancer url:

2. (i) yes. it is because we can improve our language by online reading. there are many websites for us to get reading materials. the fact of people nowadays are lazy to go out bookstore or library to get a book to read, so computers are convenient for these people. all they need to do is just a click on their mouse and they can easily get what they want to read through the internet. online reading save money too. we do not need to pay for what we want to read. it is all for free.

    (ii) blogging helps us to be more confident everytime we write a new post.  it also helps our posts getting more longer everytime we write a new post . we can visit other people’s blog and get ideas to write our posts from them. comments from friends or visiters help to improve our writing skills.

3. language learning website that i recommend:

this language learning website offers free sound integrated resources for learning languages with our native language. the languages that this language learning website offers us to learn includes:-

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Hindi

this week we need to read Computerized testing pg 299 Online Language Proficiency Assessment in Online Teaching and learning in ELT (OTL). we are asked to explain the advantages and disadvantages of online language testing in our blog. we may also refer to some of the test done in we are required to read on The use of Communication tools to promote hybrid Learning pg 148 in OTL.


This website is for people studying for an English language exam. These pages contain free online practice tests for the most important international ESL/EFL exams: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and the Cambridge ESOL exams such as CPE, CAE, FCE, and PET. We can also find out information about the different exams..

i had personally took one of the practice tests – TOEFL reading. my results ended up to be 7 questions correct out of the 11 questions being asked. all the questions are in objective forms. i found out some of the questions are easy and simple in finding the answers while there are some questions that are tricky and hard in finding the answers. there are time limits in answering all the questions.

advantages of online language testing:-

  • sits for free online practice tests
  • helps improve our languages skills
  • helps manage our answering time

disadvantages of online language testing:-

  • we can refer to books and dictionary for answers
  • the testing time given is too short
  • some of the questions didn’t reach the standard level it should have

tis week we are required to find two url that can be used to teach literature. we may want to find url related to these

  1. The pearl
  2. Sonnet 18
  3. Mr Jekle and Hyde
  4. Shakespeare works and many other works that you have been introduced in form 3 and form 5 and also form 6. we may also use titles of novels that we have been introduced while first semester and this semester.

our task:-

  1. to write a summary of these two url and include objective of the website, target group and
  2. our opinion on
  • is it effective to ask students to refer to the literature material online for understanding literature
  • what is the best way to use the website so that students can appreciate literature better by using online materials
  • is the website that we selected effective and useful for us to understand better the literature on novel, short story, poem or literature critics.

i’m going to share two url links on:-

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

 John Steinbeck


this website consists of study pack on the novel which included notes of summaries, characters, setting and many more. it also consists of questions and answers on the novel.

About BookRags:-

BookRags was founded in 1999 by 2 recent college graduates interested in providing on-demand educational resources to students around the world. Launched with just 40 book notes, BookRags has expanded over the past 7 years into one of the largest, most respected student education websites, with over 8.3 million unique pages of content. Their goal is to make BookRags a complete research location for students of any age. As their tagline says, “Research Anything.” Enter any topic in their search box, and there’s a good chance we’ll have quality information on it. Larger topics are discussed in depth, with resources including encyclopedia articles, critical essays, student essays, biographies, primary sources, interviews, and study guides.

my opinion on this website:-

  1. it fulfills a student’s needs with
  • literature guides
  • criticism and essays
  • questions and answers
  • lesson plans


Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson


this website consists of free study guides and best essay editing on the novel.

About GradeSaver:-

GradeSaver was founded in April 1999 by Nick Smith and Olivia Verma, both attending Harvard University and living in Eliot House at the time. After having spent years helping each other edit class essays, they realized that students all around the world would benefit from having someone edit, revise and offer suggestions on their essays before submitting them to the intense scrutiny of their professors and teachers.

With the recruited help of a fellow student and friend, David Ramsey, an initial website was set up and GradeSaver was launched. The summer of 1999 involved a great deal of work on developing the site, creating the Writing Resource section, and setting up the editing services.

During the fall of 1999 GradeSaver grew at a tremendous pace. The submissions were increasing weekly, and the company began to recruit other Harvard students as editors. As the number of essays edited by GradeSaver increased, it soon became obvious that many students needed good literature resources on the internet to help them with their essays.

GradeSaver soon decided to create classic literature study guides and put them on the internet for free. This quickly turned into ClassicNotes, written exclusively by Harvard students. With millions of users each month and over 300 titles, ClassicNotes ranks among the largest academic resources available online.

Now in its eighth year, GradeSaver is one of the top editing and literature sites in the world. We have received international recognition from USAToday, The Guardian (London) and Die Zeit (Germany) as well as many other local papers across the US and UK.

my opinion on this website:-

  1. it fulfills a student’s needs with
  • study guides and literature essays
  • editing services
  • college application essays
  • writing help
  • forums

tis morning we didn’t have our tutorial lab. but, we went to a seminar cum launching ceremony at Berjaya Time Square Hotel.

Morning Events:-

  • registration of participants
  • description of the project by Mr. Mohd Amri Ramli
  • description of the overall training workshop by Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Norizan Abdul Razak
  • tea break
  • talks: “Effective Advertisements Language”
  • platform demonstration by Mr. Assakhof Ab Satar
  • lunch break

Launching Ceremony Events:-

  • the arrival of special guest
  • singing Negaraku & prayers
  • speech from the chairman .my Domain Registry by Datuk Noraini Ahmad
  • speech from the minister of Science, Technology & Innovation by Y.B. Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili
  • opening of the book 1nita, gambit launch & video show
  • visit exhibition
  • press conference
  • tea break (end)

here’s a movie clip which i edited myself. it contains photos that i took during this function.

but anywhere this is the photo that i like the most.

A Big Family Photo with Dr. Norizan after the launching ceremony

tis week we are asked to read from Online Learning and Teaching in ELT and Readings in Online Language Learning and Teaching on computer mediated communication (CMC). we are required to qoute two chapters in our discussion on CMC for tis posting. we may also refer to other references from internet and provide the links if we refer to them in our discussion.

Online Learning and Teaching in ELT

Readings in Online Language Learning and Teaching

i’ve read through these two chapters and would now like to drop down some of the important points to share with you all.

Use of Computer Mediated Communication to Facilitate Second Language Acquisition [Online Learning and Teaching in ELT Page 159-176]


CMC is definined by Levy (1997: 79) as ‘concerned with communication between two or more participants via a computer covering technological platforms such as email, bulletin board, discussion list and computer confering, both text and video based’.

Benefits of using CMC to support the learning process:-

  • provides a more equitable platform and a less threatening forum for second language discussion (Warschauer, 1996)
  • results in increased participation among students (Kern, 1995; Kelm, 1995; Beauvois, 1992)
  • results in a more decentralized role of the dominant teacher (Kern, 1995; Warschauer, 1997)
  • provides possibilities for new interpersonal contacts and communicative engagements (Beauvois & Eledge, 1996; Swaffar, 1998)
  • acts as a text based medium that increases learners’ attention to linguistic form (Warschauer, 1997; Blake, 2000; Pellettieri, 2000; St. John & Cash, 1995)
  • provides personalized identification of target language errors (Kelm, 1992)
  • produces improved quality language output (Kern, 1995; Warschauer, 1996; Chun, 1994)
  • provides opportunities for reflection and close attention to and correction of contributions made (Kroonenberg, 1994/1995; Sotillo, 2000)
  • offers an effective tool for learner autonomy and empowerment (Warschauer et al., 1996; Shetzer & Warschauer, 2000)

Computer Mediated Communication in Literature Learning [Online Learning and Teaching in ELT Page 177-194]

Rationale for Using Web based Computer Applications

uses of computer applications for teaching literature (Vethamani, 2004):

  • allow learners to use modern technology to study a course
  • connect learners to a large source of reading materials available in electronic form
  • enable learners to determine their own course and direction in learning about a text or a writer
  • connect learners to other learners with similar interests
  • allow for authentic communication between readers of literary texts
  • facilitate an interactive mode of learning
  • remove the four walls of the classroom and open up a borderless world
  • teachers become facilitators in the learning process
  • learners become more independent and are actively involved in the learning process

First Phase: Instructor Controlled Phase Using E-forums

E-forums are online discussion groups that allow people from defferent places to communicate at different times with members of the group.

Aims for Conducting the E-forums

the purposes of the e-forums:

  • students express their personal views and ideas in a computer mediated application
  • students respond to the coursemate’s views and ideas in a computer mediated application

Reasons for the usefulness of the e-forum

it enriched the students knowledge about literature reading of short stories and helped them understand literature better.

Second Phase: Partially Lecturer Controlled Phase Using Blog

Aims of the Blogging Activity

  • students experience writing an e-journal
  • students express their thoughts and views on the topics and issues discussed in the lectures and tutorials
  • students reflect on their learning experience

Usefulness of Blogging

it helped students understand what they were learning, reflect on what they were studying, share their thoughts and ideas and say things they would not have said in class.

*for those who are interested in CMC, you can visit this website for more information –>

today’s tutorial lab dr. norizan gave us a sudden task. we are required to advertise a product by looking at online e- commerce such as,, e-bay. we are required to advertise a product that we have with us and present in maximum of two slides only. i’m working out this task with my partner, ru yi. we are given the topic of selling a camera.

so, this is our advertisement’s design.


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